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Pure Vegetarian Omega 3s ( EPA + DHA+ CoQ 10)

A Premium Heart Support Formula made of Omega -3s extracted from the purest form of the Omega 3s- Algae oil in the recommended clinical strength. We have added the CoQ10 in clinical strength to support heart muscle, with ingredient bio-availability enhanced by 5 mg of added Piperine. To make our formula 100 % Vegetarian, we have used only plant-based soft Gels capsules.
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  • Clinical Strength Formula – It has 600 mg of DHA/EPA as recommended by the American Heart Association & European Food and Safety Authority.
  • 300% more EPA/DHA than Krill Oil ( 200 mg).
  • Ultimate Original Source – Most Omega 3s come from fish sources. Fish build their Omega 3s through the ecological food chain from micro-algae. We get our Omega-3s directly from the Original Source, bypassing the Fish.
  • No Fishy Odor or Taste – Micro-algae Omega-3s are free from any smell, flavor, or upset stomach which comes with Fish Oil Omega 3s.
  • Bio Active Co Q10 – Piperine infused CoQ10 increase bio-availability by 30 % more than Co Q10 alone.
  • Eco- Sustainability – Micro-algae is grown outside the sea, making it a direct sustainable source of Omega 3s.
  • Multi organ Support – Omega 3s have been clinically proven in various clinical to support Heart, Blood, Brain, Immune System, Skin, Vision, and Joints.
  • CoQ 10 supplement helps restore the CoQ10 level which is depleted by the use of Statins, and naturally lost as we age.

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