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100% Pure Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder

Collagen provides extra support for skin and hair; this marine plant-sourced supplement is easy to drink and more bio-available.
Category : Skin & Hair Support
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Product Description

About Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen

What is Collagen?

Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen is a type of protein which makes one-third of total protein of body and two-thirds of total protein of the skin. It’s like a Glue which holds the body together providing strength and structure.

Marine Hydrolyzed collagen comes in individual peptides and low weight which makes it easier to get absorbed in the intestine and into blood compared to bovine collagen. Also, it has more peptides than bovine collagen and chicken collagen.

The major component of our Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen is the Type-1 Collagen which is the most important type of Collagen, required by the body.

Skin and Hair

  • Collagen dietary supplement designed to support healthy skin and hair
  • Marine sourced collagen is more bioavailable than other sources, namely, chicken and bovine.
  • Made from fish skin yet it does not have fish smell or taste
  • Features a large amount of peptides. Also, it is Rich in Essential Amino Acids compared to bovine sources. Also, it has 8 out of 9 essential amino acids including Glycine and Proline.

Uses and Facts about Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen

How to Use

  • Easily dissolves in any liquid
  • Mix one scoop with water, milk or beverage of your choice for 25 seconds
  • Recommended to take one serving per day

Good to Know

  • 3.17oz. each
  • 30 servings
  • Complete nutritional facts

Few Facts about Summit Nutritions Collagen

  • Summit Nutritions Collagen is obtained from farm-raised tilapia fish which is free from pollutants.
  • Our Collagen is easily extracted from the fish skin because they are soft without heat or enzymes as compared to hard scales, which need the use of HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) which is harmful to health and further processed by heat which damages peptide.
  • Summit Nutritions Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen is broken down to smaller peptides for easy absorption in the body. Other non-hydrolyzed collagen’s are not as effective as ours.
  • Our Collagen is formulated by a Professional and is free from all the Fillers, Binders, and Artificial Ingredients.
  • And it is proudly Made in the United States of America.

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