Upon learning of Frieza's henchmen stealing the Dragon Balls, Whis actually wants to go with Goku and Vegeta and Bulma to confront Frieza. You need to be logged in to post comments.. While enjoying the feast Beerus tells Whis to try the sushi, only to find Whis has moved to the table where Chronoa, Elder Kai, and Goku are sitting. Later that day, Whis had a conversation with the Oracle Fish in which they discuss the training at Whis is putting the two Saiyans through could kill them and the Oracle Fish suggests to let them use their transformations.

Very eccentric, his priorities can often seem exceedingly trivial.Even in extreme situations, his etiquette doesn't falter, as shown when he politely told the Much like Beerus, he has an obsession with food, getting overly excited and somewhat undignified at new cuisines and can be easily persuaded using delicacies. Cornered, Zamasu attacks, but he is intercepted and easily destroyed by Beerus.

They manage to exhaust Beerus who falls asleep. Wiz: But..Darkseid was BY FAR faster. Whis realizes Beerus' frustration as he was wrong, and the two leave, with Whis wishing them good luck. When Beerus finds out that Whis went to Earth numerous times, Whis told him that he only went to Earth to be a food taster for the Earth. Champa suggests they speed things up by doing tag matches and tells Cabba to team up with Frost. He is using a cube-like spaceship to gather everyone and travel through space. Cabba attempts to give up but Vegeta continues to antagonize him and even threatens to kill Cabba's family and destroy Sadala after the tournament.

At one point, Whis offers Vegeta a better view of the fight because he felt that his neck was hurting. Whis tells them that Frieza is likely still alive but offers to turn back time by three minutes to allow Goku another chance to defeat Frieza. He is also quite lazy at times.Whis is the God of Destruction Beerus' attendant and master.He lives on the same planet as Lord Beerus and is sometimes forced to turn back time 3 minutes so that he can stop him from causing unnecessary destruction.An example was given in Fukkatsu no F,where Whis said that Beerus once destroyed a sun,but with the help of his technique,he was able to stop this event from happening.This could indicate that Whis is the more serious person,the one who takes his job more seriously compared to Beerus.Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, stated that if Beerus was a ten, in terms of power, than Whis would be a 15. Whis is a tall, thin humanoid with pale blue skin, white hair, violet eyes, and rather effeminate features. Soon after, Beerus and Whis leave for Earth and encounter Champa and Vados. Whis cannot rewind time. Whis explains to the group about Zamasu asking Zuno about the Super Dragon Balls and Goku, creating the theory about Zamasu killing Gowasu, wishing for immortality and a servant who looks like Goku. Beerus was only 40% stronger than SSG Goku but now he’s like 400000% percent stronger than … Il apparaît comme le conseiller direct de Beerus. So Beerus, Whis, and the Warrior turn to Age 779 and Whis uses his Temporal Do-Over to rewind time, allowing the Warrior to stop Frieza from destroying the Earth causing Frieza and Metal Cooler to take on their Supervillain forms, only to be defeated by the combined might of SSGSS Goku, SSGSS Vegeta, and the Warrior. In the alternate timeline, Goku mentions Whis when asking his whereabouts since Future Beerus is dead, and Shin tells him that Whis, being Beerus' "angel", ceased to exist after Beerus' death and would return only when a new God of Destruction is appointed.

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