Check out our We also have a lot of love for the MG34 in Warzone, but our best Warzone PKM loadout is the way to go if you want to use a proper LMG in battle royale. Every Range & Drop Off: Full Range & Damage Drop Off Stats for Every Weapon, Class & currently available Attachments: 12. Assault Rifles are by far the most versatile and numerous weapons class in Call Of Duty: Warzone. It’s rate of fire and recoil mean you won’t struggle to meet its potential DPS, plus it can be equipped with a 60-round magazine, allowing you to take fights with multiple enemies without needing to reload several times. Armed with the unique feature of firing two shots in an incredibly quick burst at the start of every trigger pull, this thing was designed to pack a heavy initial punch before averaging out into “merely adequate” the longer you hold down the trigger.It’s a great gun; easy to use, very controllable, and pretty powerful. The Kilo 141 is at its very best on the threshold between Assault Rifle and LMG – incredibly controllable, great handling, and capable of spitting out enough bullets to down an entire squad without ever having to reload.The once-great M4A1 has seen better days, thanks to recent nerfs. Keep track of your progress for each weapon as you work towards gold for … Support RPS and get an ad-free site, extra articles, and free stuff! There is a lot of different weapons in COD MW but each of them has own weak and strong sides. Although it handles like the AK-47 and Scar (and fires pretty slowly, too), the CR-56 AMAX can be transformed with the right attachments to create a heavy-hitting, relatively manageable AR. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Is the Grau still the king of Assault Rifles in Season 5?You can read more about why the Grau is our pick for Warzone’s greatest Assault Rifle below, along with the rest of our Assault Rifles tier list. Want to make sure you're set up for victory? The player-base is pretty much split between the two, but these stats suggest that the latter might be the better option.They both do the same damage, but the AX-50 has a higher rate of fire, and thus a higher DPS and TTK.
With the new Body Armor mechanic, damage either by bullet damage or TTK (time to kill) is more crucial than ever. His love of Italian food is matched only by his love of Excel spreadsheets.
But the semi-auto mode is easily outclassed by the FAL, and the full-auto mode is sadly also outclassed by those above it in this list.The AK-47 was my favourite Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare multiplayer, and it’s still a beastly gun in Warzone. Accurate Or Low Recoil

The longer distance encounters and the higher health pools make the burst-fire nature of the FR feel really bad most of the time. Now we’re talking! Credit to TheXclusiveAce, Drift0r, and Mutant Media for providing some of the data used on these charts. While its true that they justify how popular the MP5 is in Warzone, especially with the 10mm rounds, the real hidden gem of this category is the AUG.When equipped with the 5.56 NATO rounds, the AUG actually ends up having the highest DPS out of all the assault rifles and SMGs except for the M4 with .458 rounds, which only offers a limited amount of ammo, anyway.Thus, the AUG not only gives you the handling of an SMG, it actually packs a punch that tops almost every single AR in the game, making it the ultimate weapon for Warzone.One final comparison to touch on is the one between the two most-used sniper rifles in the BR - the HDR and AX-50. Why? Looking to compare the various weapons in Modern Warfare based off of Ammo Type, Damage Range and TTK, well we’re putting together some charts so that you can compare, in one place, the various weapons in Modern Warfare. Find more information Ollie is a staunch lover of words, games, and words about games. But that’s not all: it’s also just about the only gun that can match the Grau’s laser potential with its wonderfully low recoil.Kitting the M13 out for range is an absolute must, because you need to minimise its damage dropoff as much as possible. It’s still a wonderful and powerful rifle; it just can no longer claim to be the undisputed champion of Assault Rifles in Warzone.

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