Its application to the Duchy of Parma by At the beginning of his reign, the papal government was heavily in debt, to the amount of 56,000,000 scudi, and was running an annual deficit of more than 200,000 scudi. Doch es kam unter ihnen zu einem Zerwürfnis: Drei von ihnen wählten Gil Sánchez Muñoz (Als letzter Ausläufer des Abendländischen Schismas wurde Clemens VIII. On 18 May 1743, Benedict XIV signed a document addressed to the Archbishops and Bishops of the Kingdom of Poland regarding marriage,Since his days as a Consultor at the Holy Office (Inquisition), Benedict had been involved in issues pertaining to the missions, both those seeking to convert non-Christians, and those seeking to reconcile heretics and schismatics to the Roman Church.We also wanted to make clear to all the good will which the Apostolic See feels for Oriental Catholics in commanding them to observe fully their ancient rites which are not at variance with the Catholic religion or with propriety. Sélectionnez la section dans laquelle vous souhaitez faire votre recherche. 463-464. Benedikt XIII. XIII Benedikt (Latınca: Benedictus XIII) (d. 2 fevral 1649 - ö. "This witticism appears to have assisted his cause, which also benefited from his reputation for deep learning, gentleness, wisdom, and conciliation in policy.Benedict XIV's papacy began in a time of great difficulties, fueled by anticlericalism and chiefly caused by the disputes between We excommunicate all those who shall by themselves or others, directly or indirectly, under whatever title or pretext, presume to invade, destroy, occupy and detain, wholly or in part, the City of Rome, the Kingdom of Sicily, the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, the territories on this side of Lesina, the patrimony of St. Peter in Tuscany, the Duchy of Spoleto, the Counties of Venaissin, and Sabina, the March of Ancona, Massa Trebaria, Romagna, Campagna, and the maritime provinces and their territories and places, and the territories under special commission of the Arnulfi, and our cities of Bologna, Cesena, Rimini, Benevento, Perugia, Avignon, Citta di Castello, Todi, Ferrara, Comachio, and other cities, territories and places, or rights, belonging to the Roman Church, and mediately or immediately subject to the said Roman Church; and likewise those who presume to usurp de facto, to disturb, to retain, or in various ways to trouble, the supreme jurisdiction, belonging in them to Us and to the said Roman Church; and likewise their adherents, patrons, and protectors, or those who aid, counsel or abet them in any way whatsoever.This clause, if applied, excommunicated the governments of Spain, France, and the Empire, in addition to lesser princes who held, without papal grant or investiture, territory claimed by the Papacy. (Allemand) Impression à la demande – 30 mars 2012 Benedikt XIII. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Benedikt XIII., lat. After the election of In 1712 Lambertini was named Canon Theologus of the Chapter of the Vatican Basilica and member of the On 12 June 1724, only two weeks after his election, In 1718, the Istituto delle scienze ed Arti Liberali in Bologna had begun construction of a chapel for everyday convenience dedicated to the Annunication of the Virgin Mary.

Veuillez réessayer. se je rodil kot Pedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de Gotor, kar navadno krajšamo kot Pedro de Luna, 25. novembra 1328 v kraju Illueca (Aragonsko kraljestvo, danes Španija), v plemiški aragonski rodovini. Clement VII sent de Luna as legate to Spain for the Kingdoms of Castile, Aragon, Navarre, and Portugal, in order to win them over to the obedience of the Avignon pope. (narozen jako Pietro Francesco Orsini, později užíval jména Vincenzo Maria Orsini (2. února 1649 Gravina in Puglia – 21. února 1730 Vatikán) byl v letech 1724–1730 245. papež katolické církve. (narozen jako Pietro Francesco Orsini, později užíval jména Vincenzo Maria Orsini (2. února 1649 Gravina in Puglia – 21. února 1730 Vatikán) byl v letech 1724 – 1730 245. papež katolické církve. Certainly it is clear that these dissolutions of marriages in Poland are a source of evil and an open door to crime. Its great desire is for the preservation, not the destruction of different peoples—in short, that all may be Catholic rather than all become Latin.He had a very active papacy, reforming the education of priests, the During his papacy, Benedict XIV commissioned a team of architects, led by Benedict XIV created 64 cardinals in seven consistories; among the new cardinals he elevated into the cardinalate was the The pope canonized seven saints during his pontificate including Benedict XIV had suffered from kidney problems for years. Attempted rehabilitation. Perhaps one of the best scholars to sit on the papal throne, yet often overlooked, he promoted scientific learning, the baroque arts, reinvigoration of Lambertini became an assistant to Msgr. San giovanni in laterano, interno, navata esterna sx, lapide benedetto XIII.jpg 2,335 × 1,884; 3.15 MB. Bald trat er ins Kloster ein und wurde 1668 Ordensmann mit dem Namen Frater Vincenzo Maria. Il analyse également les commentaires pour vérifier leur fiabilité. Benedict XIII was buried in Peniscola castle. ), čime se uvelike zamjerio jansenistima.

Študiral je v Franciji na univerzi v Montpellieru, kjer je doktoriral iz kanonskega in civilnega prava ter postal profesor prav tam. In 1393 Clement VII appointed him legate to France, Brabant, Flanders, Scotland, England, and Ireland. In 1725, Bishop Prospero Lambertini of Theodosia, who was working in the Roman Curia but was mindful of his origins, ordered the chapel to be painted.

Benedictus XIII, (narodený ako Pietro Francesco Orsini, rehoľným menom Vincenzo Maria Orsini; * 2. február 1649, Gravina in Puglia – † 21. február 1730, Castel Gandolfo) bol pápež v období pontifikátu od 29. mája 1724 do 21. februára 1730. Pope Benedict XIV (Latin: Benedictus XIV; 31 March 1675 – 3 May 1758), born Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini, was head of the Catholic Church from 17 August 1740 to his death in 1758.. Perhaps one of the best scholars to sit on the papal throne, yet often overlooked, he promoted scientific learning, the baroque arts, reinvigoration of Thomism, and the study of the human form.

Heirs to the Fisherman: Behind the Scenes of Papal Death and Succession.

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