They call me… Mimir! With the Greek Gods, he also knows of their demise, which he claimed was deserved. Whenever he would tell tales of the time he was Odin's advisor, Mimir displays visible remorse and openly admits that he feels guilty.

Kratos warns Mimir of the consequences should they fail, to which Mimir explains that after over 109 years of torture, his current state is not living at all. History at your fingertips Afterward, Mimir is taken to the horn, and talks to the world serpent to move the bridge so that they can get to their goal. Mimir realizes that Tyr used the stone to travel between realms, and tells them they need to go there to find tower.

She is last seen carrying Baldur's lifeless body off-screen. One of the examples was when he openly professed that he deserved Freya's anger and showed visible remorse for what his convincing Freya to marry Odin caused her. She possibly reminded Kratos of Freya is incredibly loyal and selfless. After acquiring Mimir's eye and reinserting it into its socket, they were suddenly expelled from the giant's belly onto the icy shores near Thamur's corpse, where they were approached by both Freya and Baldur, the latter being responsible for Jörmungandr's regurgitation. Growling, Kratos storms out of Freya's home without thanking her. He finds a great majority of them to be hedonistic, paranoid, arrogant, warmongering and the ones to blame for the tragedies the Nine Realms have endured. Mimir also reveals her identity as the Vanir goddess Freya, and in return learns that she never revealed it to Atreus and Kratos. According to Mimir, Odin simply doesn't like the idea of a Vanir earning fame amongst the Aesir. ** Bring God of War’s world into yours with the Mimir’s Vision app an AR experience that reveals the legends of Midgard. The Spartan and his son would come to be fond of Mimir, in that they took him home with them once their journey was over. However, he did not know who had dismantled the pantheon until he accompanied Kratos, whom he later learned was Zeus' son and recognized him as the Ghost of Sparta. Mimir is the norse God of Knowledge and Wisdom and is just a head. However, Freya berates Kratos with the irony that he was also keeping his secret from his son, and warns Kratos that Odin's wrath will be coming quickly now that he has freed Mimir. Had Mimir never suffered at the hands of the Vanir and lost his head, or had the Aesir-Vanir war never happened, Odin would not have had access to Mimir’s wisdom.

After assembling the key with the aid of Brok and Sindri and gaining access to the secret room, Kratos got the idea to flip the Realm Travel Room, where they found what Mimir identified as the Summoning the World Serpent via the bridge horn once more, Mimir explained their objective, and Jörmungandr allowed them to enter his belly.
Or … In addition, Mimir informs that Baldur's death has caused Fimbulwinter, the precursor of Ragnarok to start, which wasn't supposed to happen for a hundred of years. Amidst attacks by Kratos then questioned Mimir on Baldur's weakness, to which Mimir once again denied he had any, repeating his earlier answer verbatim. No longer muzzled by Freya's spell, Mimir theorized that Odin must have convinced Baldur that he'd be free of his curse by following them to Jotunheim assumed to be a lie. Mimir then denied it and repeated the same words from before, which confused Atreus. To which he says "The Cycle of Vengeance is not so easily broken."

Tap, zoom, and lock the map, then touch the points of interest to learn the lore behind this realm of many mysteries. After Brok tells them that the eye is in Thor's statue, Mimir talks to Jörmungandr on letting them go into his stomach (since the giant ate the rock when first being called). Hailing to from a faraway land, Mimir was a faerie king's errand boy and unofficial jester. Prophecies foretelling her son's demise drove her to cast a spell on Baldur, rendering him invulnerable to everything except mistletoe. According to Mimir, he has been tortured for one-hundred and nine winters, and states that Odin punishes him on a daily basis. Kratos mentioned that Baldur claimed to know what he was and suggests that the latter mistook him for another.

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