Because of this, his competitive reception has become worse as of recent, with most professionals universally believing him to be low tier, with some of them considering him to be one of the worst characters in the game. Ultimate)|Palette Swaps]] == As a result of his abysmal frame data, many of his moves are unsafe on shield unless fully spaced, despite his aforementioned shield breaking capabilities. Multiple professionals, such as Ganondorf fights against the heroes and protagonists of various series. This is it. Due to functioning as a grab, it bypasses shields and counterattacks. His neutral attack, forward tilt, back aerial, Dark Dive, and Wizard's Foot, some of which are considered Ganondorf's fastest attacks and best Ganondorf's grab game is also lackluster. Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda - [23] Ganondorf is the King of Evil and primary antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series.As the frequent incarnation of the demon Demise’s hatred, he is constantly being reborn only to cross paths and start conflict with the descendants of Link and Zelda. To begin, his frame data is very sluggish and among the worst in the game: he has very few moves that are active before frame 9 (these being neutral attack, neutral aerial, up aerial, and standing grab) and some not even coming out before 28 (such as forward smash, Warlock Punch, and Volcano Kick), along with many of his moves having extremely high ending lag (most notably Volcano Kick, all his smashes, and all his special moves). Ganondorf is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Despite his high traction and above average falling speed, he has the seventh slowest walking speed, fourth slowest dashing speed, third slowest air speed, sixth slowest air acceleration, and fourth lowest jump and double jump heights. Down throw, despite being a decent combo starter, loses much of its combo potential very quickly past low percentages. His dash attack is versatile; not only does it possess extreme KO power at high percentages, being the third-strongest dash attack, but its early hit can potentially lead into All of Ganondorf's aerials are very useful, as they are fast for their immense power (except his forward aerial and down aerial), and are guaranteed to knock opponents off the stage even at medium percents, giving him one of the best In spite of his strengths, Ganondorf has glaring flaws.

Despite his aerials having relatively low landing lag, the aforementioned poor hitbox placements fail to properly defend him from directly underneath, while down aerial and Wizard's Foot have noticeable start-up. Combined with his poor mobility, Ganondorf struggles to compete with faster characters like In contrast to Ganondorf's tall size, some of his attacks have poor reach and often have problematic hitbox placements, causing them to have noticeably large blindspots. While Wizard's Foot is Ganondorf's fastest option to return to the ground and can anti-air intercepting opponents with its vertical knockback, its landing possesses a small and very brief quake along with large landing lag, making it highly punishable. Ultimate)|Classic Mode]]: == His fighter number is 23. Overall, Ganondorf's raw power lets him rack up damage quickly and close stocks early, but he has little means to defend himself which forces him to play cautiously, enforcing a bait-and-punish playstyle and Ganondorf's primary strengths, such as his already strong damage output and knockback power, have been further increased since the previous game. == [[Palette Swap (Super Smash Bros. He is highly vulnerable to combos and juggling thanks to his heavy weight, very large size, and low air speed, and his slow mobility hinders his approach and ability to close distance or create space.

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