one becomes stronger by killing other, weaker beings). When his actions were discovered by his father Oryx, Nokris was branded a heretic, exiled and condemned to obscurity as his father removed nearly all traces of his existence.It should be noted, however, that not all forms of resurrection are heretical: when Ascendant Hive are killed in the "normal" universe, they are banished to their Throne World and can return via a summoning ritual. When Oryx killed Xivu Arath in his throne world, he proved he was mightier than her; when Oryx killed Savathûn there, he proved he was more cunning than her. Here are effects able to be enacted by users of the Sword Logic: The Sword Logic is an overarching concept in Destiny that many people are able to tap in to for the purpose of accessing power and abilities. It is existence asserted by violence.Using the table above we might be able to construct the tribute system the Hive use,The only thing unaffected by the system are the Taken, as they are bound to the will of their master until he falls.The practice of necromancy is seen as "heresy" to the Hive who follow the Sword Logic, as reviving the slain directly contradicts the central principle of the Logic (i.e. With your own hands you forged the mighty Bolt-Caster. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. While there has before been the idea that users superior in Firstly, not everybody is capable of using the Sword Logic at the same efficacy. The ultimate goal of this philosophy is to find the "Last True Shape", the last entity that has proven it's superiority over all others by outliving them and proving itself by killing for survival. It asserts that existence is a constant struggle to exist, and that weaker entities incapable of defending their existence did not deserve it in the first place. Sword Logic is a philosophical principal that exists within the world of Destiny. Repeated application of the sword logic causes the wielder to gradually become "self-defining" and "sharp": both no longer bound by physical laws and capable of outright violating them at will. They are Thrall mutated into killing machines but instead kill for different reasons other than to feed their worm. The disgraced Hive Prince Nokris broke both tenets of the Sword Logic by consummating a pact with the Worm God Xol (the weakest of his brethren), who bequeathed knowledge of the forbidden art of necromancy to Nokris in exchange for his heart. Any strength must be taken and not given, for giving power dilutes it and makes it untrue due to the recipient never having proved themselves worthy of such an existence. The Sword Logic is both a philosophy and a metaphysical framework by which one may gain The central tenet of the Sword Logic is that "existence is the struggle to exist," and that any entity - whether a life-form or a fundamental aspect of nature - which cannot protect itself against defeat should rightfully be destroyed by a more powerful entity. While technically a neutral power, it is used almost exclusively by the Hive or Hive affiliated forces, while also used by others like the Player Character infrequently. In the context of intelligent beings, the Logic promotes as its ultimate goal the establishment of a systematic, self-proving civilizational structure which can survive until the end of time (and possibly beyond),In following the principles of the Sword Logic, a being not only demonstrates its ability to survive in the face of existential challenges, but also acquires paracausal power; this is known as "becoming sharp." Wouldn’t you like to know. This allowed the Player Character to defeat powerful Hive gods such as Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Suffice to say that some powers in this universe are superordinate to mere material physics. The only known beings to have full usage of every single ability listed above at maximum capacity are The Darkness itself, and Secondly, The Sword Logic is uncompromising and theoretically open to all.

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