All rights reserved. The first one is into the spillway, capture it and take it back to Quinn.The second one is farther down the spillway, do the same with it. As you break it, the bot comes in to do the cleaning. There is a cart there, place them all there and the mission is done.You will unlock the side mission upon completing all the Claptrap’s side mission.Teleport from Sanctuary to Devil’s Razor on Pandora where you will meet Claptrap at the marked location. You will be sent to the Police HQ . Grab the spray paint on the table and upon Trashmouth’s instructions, spray graffiti on the sparkling parts of the nearest building. You have to defend yourself and she will explode, dropping a mask on the ground. Tumorhead will ask you to ring the buzzer. You will find a ramp near where you start, jump over it to get to his house and then get to his platform.Climbing is required in order to get there. You can start this from location golden calves. First, clear out the area from Jabbers and then take out Apollo. Once begun head over to the murder scene by going back to the waypoint underneath the broken bridge.The next object will be triggered when you go to the bodies under Maliwan Body Bags. Pick it up and go back to the Dynasty Diner and to the employee area and put the ratch meat on the digiscanner.A burger bot will be spawned who you have to follow and clear his path by defeating his enemies. There is a waypoint on the map that you need to follow in order to get the spine.It’s a little far away so it would be a good idea to do this quest after you have Catch-a-ride available to you.After that you will need to collect a skag spine which you can get to by following the next waypoint. Take out the remaining smaller enemies then take out he big one.When that is out of the way you and Vic will head back to the entrance and exit the VR by interacting with the panel there and your mission is done.There are the side quests given to you by NPC on the Sanctuary.This quest will be unlocked after you complete the main story mission “Sanctuary”.You will need to collect eight empty hypos for Tannis. A puddle will help conduct this power to the Trap Door Switch.Go through the door and find a red chest, open it to get your reward.If you have started Cult following then this mission will be unlocked. After you drop the whole family of Bloodshine, there are going to be enemies waiting for you outside, take them out as well. Then you will have to kill the Ratch Broodmothers inside the cellar.Pump lead into the locations they spawn at which will take them out. Anyways getting back to our original quest you need to find a trap door, open it and go inside. Kill Trudy and the other enemies on the ground and then pick up the token she drops.Now, the batteries. Start it from Skag Dog DaysFirst, find the Big Succ. It would be better if you kill the remaining enemies there as well as it is an optional objective.After that, you have to return to Ziff which is marked by the Waypoint and your quest is done.The same as the side quest above. Then collect the spork from there.Then you need to search the old laundry. A man on the radio will give you the information about your mission. The first one that you need to replace is placed on the right of the machine. You will head over to the marked location to enter the Lectra City area of the map. Go south and then go underground by taking the stairs.You will find some enemies there that you have to kill. He will be surprised to see you.Then he will task you to get Spot 1; which is 15 Meds and 1 Blood Pack. Starting out with:There are seven side quests= on Pandora. Each has a level requirement and in some cases there is a hard requirement for a quest that you cannot start until you are on the minimum required level.There is an exclamation mark in the map hover over it after opening the map, the waypoint marked by that exclamation mark will guide you towards the location of the mission.After you have done that, get out of the Crimson Raiders hideout.

You can do it North-East from where you started the mission from.There would be a crevice area marked that you cannot enter with your car.Use a grenade launcher to blow cactus up to get their fruit. Defeat Lena and pick up the token that she drops.Go in between the two gaps of the building and take the ledge upstairs. Hand it over to her and finish the mission.You will unlock this mission when you complete the Impending Storm.You will be fast traveling to Athena as soon as you get this mission. You have kill the whole family along with Tumorhead. Mission Giver: Sanctuary: Mission Giver: The Handsome Jackpot - The Compactor: … Jump across and pick it up from the machine it’s kept in. This is how you will be finishing off the questThere are two main areas on Promethea where you will have to do side quests which are Meridian Outskirts and Meridian Metroplex.When you play the main mission “Hostile Takeover” this quest gets unlocked.You start this quest out from “Healers and dealers” location. Follow Claptrap to the house till the end of the path. Go towards it to continue.Then you will have to decide whether to kill Rax or Max. Side Mission. You need to get 5 of them.Then you need to get Skag meat for Chef Frank which can be done along with the last task because you’ll encounter Skags, kill five of them to get their meat.After that, you need to kill an Alpha Skag to get its meat.

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