Friedman and Mustaine did such a good job on this one. is almost a precursor of alternative, nu, and even rap metal, and the machine-gun riff is very reminiscent of groove metal. Friedman and Mustaine did such a good job on this one. This Should be way higher along with many other great songs by them.N.I. Face-melting guitars, heavy drums, and powerful lyrics combine in the best metal songs of 2019. So I decided to create a list with 50 of the best metal songs of all times. Even Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner.

"The Top 500 heavy metal songs of all time is the end result of massive, WORLDWIDE POLL asking the metal minions to list their favourite heavy metal standards." In this song the solo is way below mediocre, just a typical note sequenceI'm genuinely surprised this isn't in at least the top 5. Face it Metallica isn't nearly as good as megadeth a should die in a hole. Either way, those people have no effect on me enjoying this song. Even Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner. And I don't be only metal, but also if you include classic rock like floyd, zeppelin, Beatles.

Es kommt wohl kaum ein Künstler, der auch gute Musik produzieren möchte und dabei nicht nur auf Synthesizer und Stimmverzerrung im Studio setzt, ohne E-Gitarre aus und selbstverständlich haben die Bands mit ganzem Fokus auf Rock und Drums ebenso Musikgeschichte geschrieben. Here is my opinion of the best metal songs of all time:This above the two best metal songs of all time? WHY?Best Pantera song but overall best metal song of 90's. while this song kicks ass, I still think iron man and holy diver are a lot better.

1 x pro Woche. 1.

Sure, I can think of a couple more that would have valid rights to the top spot as well, but this song has every element a brilliant Metal song should have. Dimebag darell for the win, RIP legend!By far one of my favorite Pantera songs, and arguably the best metal song of the 90's. There are too many other great bands out there. The more melodic parts in the opening are based on more ballad based metal songs on the softer side. This is probably my favorite metal song.

yes, holy diver is the 2nd best metal song of all time, in my unbiased opinion. That's ridiculous. It is very technical and melodically sung to create a very somber, yet energetic song. If Ozzy did it, then it is metal. It's to bad to see this song being behind Metallica. It's up there with Holy Wars, Hangar 18 and Symphony of Destruction, if not better than those 3.Come on the opening bass line was used for the MTV news cast for like 10 years. The playlist is collected from MARTIN POPOFF's great book. Pantera? The difficulty of the songs got nothing to do with my vote for this album though. I worship this song. Iron Man deserves nothing less than Number 1. Do you really want new bands like slipknot and that who haven't even been around that long. The chorus with its distortion sounds a lot like sludge metal.

But you guys don't need to bother explaining why War Pigs is the best metal song of all time. This song is adored even by people that don't like metal, it transcends the genre. Imprisoning me! "

"You walk on like woman in suffering, won't even bother now to tell me why.. "This is probably their best song, Disturbed is one of the only modern metal bands that isn't a poser, however, they are not like screamo or anything.

is almost a precursor of alternative, nu, and even rap metal, and the machine-gun riff is very reminiscent of groove metal.

Fantastic riffs, amazing solo, deep and excellent lyrics, nearly perfect vocals, chilling intro, anything else?

Every metal band today has learned something from Sabbath. Metallica always encouraged open-mindedness. If you don't believe me watch 'Lemmy-The Movie' and see for yourselfYet another fan claiming they're favourite band brought thrash screaming to life. Solidly in the top 3Pantera has to be in Sandman spot...Greatest 90's metal band there was..Mouth of War might even be better?Sorry, but this is one of the best songs in history. After listing to brokencyde, I feel like I got my brain cells back!Right from the start with the first riff, it's like a punch to the face. That's why this song is the best!Ew.

From the intro and then the thrushing along the speed with which the guitars are played is so awesome it just draws you in and makes you visualise what they are talking about. The best metal song hands down, this is the only band that has several amazing songs, other bands only got like one. No doubt this got to be number one. Just by listening to this song you can tell it's extremely advanced and certain to go down in history. Hetfield and Hammett keep unleashing riff after riff at amazing speed and punchy sound.Though my first Maiden song was Fear of The Dark and it's my personal metal number one as a riff, HBTN is simply bigger, more advanced and better song overall. And come on, is there anything better than The Trooper live? It's heavier and faster than the classic Priest, Maiden, and Sabbath stuff, but it's not as heavy and fast as the subgenres that would develop later.

If only they added a little more to that song to make it longer..." But I guess that would take away from the beauty if the song if it were longerSERIOSLY this is in the greatest thrash/speed album of all time. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2009!

The rest is as good as opening, which isn't quite simple.

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