giving it ample opportunities to set up Stealth Rock,Say 'pressure' instead of revenge kill, makes a little more sense now that I read itThis is filler if you don't give an example of some Pokemon.Most sets have Icy Wind if their choice locked, it doesn't make it not a checkYou aren't an offensive check to these Grass-types or Noivern for that matter because they are faster, the latter not being able to OHKO but chunk Seis. Rotom-C would be a hazard remover that Seis actually struggles with a lot. I would just state how it is one of the few Pokemon that prevents Washtom generating momentum with Volt Switch easily thanks to its typing and ability Water Absorb. The last part being something Seismitoad requires because it can't handle it alone.I'd add a small disclaimer that it should be wary of Will-O-Wisp Rotom-W because it is faster and can burn Seismitoad.I would give a little more mention to other stuff that Ice Punch and Power Whip hit than just Washtom and Noivern. This being pretty key if against a Washtom with Defog + Pain Split for example, as you'll be able to keep your hazards up more easily. Make this explicitly say its lack of reliable recovery makes these Pokemon work well with remove Hatterene making it easier for Seismitoad to set up Stealth RockYour point made it sound like if you have a Jirachi your opponent can't switch in their Hatt on Seis to reflect hazards, as there would be too many drawbacks in letting Rachi in on a double? Seismitoad-EX 20 XY—Furious Fists. View strategies and more for Seismitoad on the Smogon Strategy Pokedex. Change it to, Toxic prevents them from being able to stay in on Seis for long periods of time. [SET] name: Defensive Stealth Rock move 1: Stealth Rock move 2: Earthquake move 3: Scald move 4: Toxic item: Leftovers ability: Water Absorb nature: Relaxed evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD [SET COMMENTS] Seismitoad's niche in UU comes from its usefulness … While Seismitoad packs an excellent Ground / Water typing, with Water Absorb added to the mix to give it a dual immunity to Water and Electric, it's not as if this is a unique trait in OU. If this was the case, Hatt wouldn't be able to switch into a lot of setters because X mon exists on the team.Both cover its weakness to Kyurem, Sylveon only needs minor SpD investment to handle Specs Kyurem better, so mention this point before talking about what each does differently.This point doesn't really matter when you drop to Freeze Dry anyways, so you should never be staying in to try Toxic unless you expect a EP or something.I don't mind the point about pivots but the reasoning about hazard removers doesn't seem right. It matches up very nicely against some Stealth Rock setters such as Clefable, making it an excellent option for entry hazard removal.It can also pivot into Pokemon like Calm …

Seismitoad-EX 106 XY—Furious Fists.

Vern sets lacking Draco are probably going to need to switch more often between needing to land 3 Hurricanes and fear of being EQ'd on a Roost for example.This is a flaw that you can bring up at the start where you talk about Seismitoad's niche and how this holds it back. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

You say this set fits best on offensive teams then suggest Umbreon, remove this mention.They affect its longevity not the ability to wallbreakThis is really vague and redundant to have as is. The Clubsplosion Begins! If you're going to mention Rotom-W, specify how it helps play around Toxic variants of Rotom-W easier, which can allow Seis to consider Knock Off more easily.I'd like a mention of Noivern as a partner.

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